Reservation modification or cancellation

Une réservation peut être modifiée ou annulée, qu'elle ait été faite par téléphone ou via notre site internet. Communiquez avec La Vallée Secrète par téléphone au 418-875-4408, par courriel ou par Facebook Messenger afin qu'un conseiller annule ladite réservation ou la modifie selon la disponibilité.

Online ticket purchase

Les billets achetés en ligne sont non remboursables, non monnayables et échangeables selon la disponibilité. Si vous devez annuler pour des raisons personnelles ou si vous jugez que la température ne vous convient pas, vous aurez droit à un crédit de la totalité de votre facture afin de revenir un autre jour. Communiquez avec La Vallée Secrète par téléphone au 418-875-4408, par courriel ou par Facebook Messenger afin qu'un conseiller puisse répondre à votre demande.


Outdoor activities can involve certain risks. Visitors must ensure they have the skills and abilities required to practice the chosen activity. The visitor also agrees not to be impaired, in particular by the effect of alcohol, drugs or medication.

On-site rules
  • The Secret Valley is a non-smoking site, ashtrays are available in the parking lot;
  • It is forbidden to leave the trails or damage nature;
  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times;
  • You must wear a shirt;
  • Dogs on a leash are accepted, except dogs with a bad reputation which may intimidate other visitors.

Material breakage or loss

The visitor is responsible for breakage or loss of his equipment. A charge of $ 10 will be applied for each accessory broken or lost.

Respect on the site

The visitor agrees to comply with any other policy or instruction, in particular with regard to safety and decorum, and not to disrupt in any way the conduct of activities. In the event of non-compliance, La Vallée Secrète reserves the right to require the offender to leave the site without reimbursement or monetary compensation;


The Secret Valley may close its site when it deems it necessary (thunderstorm, major breakage, etc.). If you had paid for your tickets for that day, you will be entitled to a credit and postponement of your reservation or a refund if postponement is not possible.


Due to the current situation, some measures have been added:

  • Reservation is required in order to respect the maximum number of visitors on site. A visitor arriving without a reservation or at the wrong time or day of his reservation may be refused access to the site;
  • The visitor agrees not to present any symptoms of COVID-19 during his visit or the 14 days preceding it;

To find out about our sanitary measures regarding COVID-19,click here.

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