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Mission Dwarfimpossible 3 or 4(Adult path)

*Adventure only in french

  • Choisissez un départ pour votre famille ou votre groupe de moins de 10 personnes. Si vous êtes plus de 10, prenez deux départs.
  • Si la date est en rouge, cela signifie que nous sommes complets.

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Serez-vous accompagnés de jeunes Naintrépides de moins de 12 ans?

Nous avons un jeu parfait pour eux, «Les Observateurs», qu’ils pourront faire en même temps que vous puisqu’il utilise les mêmes postes que les Missions Nainpossibles.

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We have bundles offering a tasting of the products of Fromagerie Alexis de Portneuf as well as all the accompaniments that will complete a tasty meal (baguette bread, drinks, bags of nuts, etc.)

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Equipped with all the necessary spy gear, go on a super secret mission to help poor teeny-tiny dwarves who have gotten themselves into trouble. To successfully complete your challenge, you will need to decipher interactive stations that will give you the key to the riddle.

Ages: 13 years old and over
Path: 1,8 km
Duration: 3 hours

Theme: A ruthless fraud
The Dwarfuntroubled has inadvertently been duped by the Dwarfsultant, a crook of the internets. This profiteer made ​​him false promises to obtain personal information that could cost him much.
Your mission, if you accept it, is to help this poor Dwarfuntroubled to retrieve his treasure by accessing his locker of the Fuisse Bank before the fraudster gets there.

*We have an Attractions Passport in collaboration with Village Vacances Valcartier.

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Teenagers / Adults

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