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Expedition of the Nosey Parkers 1(5 to 8 years old)

*Adventure in french only

  • Choisissez un départ pour votre famille ou votre groupe de moins de 10 personnes. Si vous êtes plus de 10, prenez deux départs.
  • Si la date est en rouge, cela signifie que nous sommes complets.

Attraction Passports

Serez-vous accompagnés d’enfants plus vieux?

Vous pouvez ajouter le questionnaire «La Bravade» qui offrira aux membres plus âgés de votre groupe un défi supplémentaire adapté à leur âge.

Would you be interested in a meal?

We have bundles offering a tasting of the products of Fromagerie Alexis de Portneuf as well as all the accompaniments that will complete a tasty meal (baguette bread, drinks, bags of nuts, etc.)

Would you like to make a donation to Make-A-Wish Foundation?


Equipped with tickets, a master key, a treasure map and a gnome hat, go in search of interactive dwarf curiosity cabinets that will introduce you to a host of trades of yesteryear. Collect as many correct answers as possible to open the treasure chest using the gold shovel.

Ages: 5 to 8 years old
Path: 1 km
Duration: 2 hours

*We have an Attractions Passport in collaboration with Village Vacances Valcartier.

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5 to 8 years old

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