Picnic areas

Espaces idéals pour faire un pique-nique
Indoor and outdoor dining areas

Bring your picnic

We have 3 picnic areas shielded from bad weather and ready to welcome 120, 80 or 140 people. These areas are heated in the winter and well-ventilated in the summer.  We also have many tables outside, should you prefer to sit in the sun.

The Hungry Dwarf Bundle

We don't have a restaurant, but you now have the opportunity to get a delicious bundle, perfect to feed the whole family.  Inside you will find a variety of products from Fromagerie Alexis de Portneuf and everything in between to complete a wonderful meal. Contact us to know the availability at 418-875-4408.

For 2 people

  • 1 baguette
  • 2 Alexis de Portneuf cheeses of your choice
  • 1 terrine
  • 2 drinks
  • 2 bags of nuts
  • 2 fruit purees or fruit salads
  • 2 cookies
  • 38,00$

Baluchon pour 2 personnes

For 4 people

  • 1 1/2 baguette
  • 3 Alexis de Portneuf cheeses of your choice
  • 1 terrine
  • 4 breuvages ou une bouteille de jus pétillant
  • 4 bags of nuts
  • 4 fruit purees or fruit salads
  • 4 cookies
  • 58,00$

Baluchon pour 4 personnes


You also have the option to order a meal from a caterer or a restaurant in the region.

Dry toilettes

Toilettes musicales à ne pas manquer
Don't miss the musical toilets!

Forget your bad memories about chemical toilets. We have elevated the concept to accommodate you as pleasantly as possible in the wild. Our restrooms are very clean and fully stocked with paper seat covers and boosters for small children. When you lock the door, you will even hear some music, for your extra enjoyment. Interactive sinks and disinfectant gel distributors are at your disposal, making clean hands even more fun!

Everyone comes out with a smile... come and see for yourself!


Stationnement à l'entrée de La Vallée Secrète
Free parking

Our parking area can welcome 8-10 buses and a lot of well-parked cars.  However, if a teeny-tiny dwarf offers to be your "parking vallet" refuse!...or be fooled!


Accessibilité aux poussettes
Stroller accessibility

Strollers can easily circulate in our trails. It goes without saying, however, that strollers with larger wheels will be easier to handle in the forest.


Boutique où tout est fait à la nain
Proudly Handmade

Each year we add surprises to our handmade collection, following our inspiration.  In our boutique, you can find nice souvenirs that allow you to bring a little magic back home.   Come discover a selection of quality products!

Clean hats

Corde à linge où est accroché les chapeaux de tinin-nains
Our hats are completely clean of any forms of life.

Don’t be afraid of words: let us speak lice!

  • The lice take approximately 9 to 10 days to hatch
  • They lay from 6 to 8 eggs a day
  • It takes 15 days to cross from egg to adult lice
  • They die within 4 to 36 hours when not in contact with hairThe lice die by washing hair in hot water
  • The lice die by washing hair in hot water
  • 15 minutes in the dryer completely destroys larvas and lice

We are not afraid of water: we clean our hats!

  • Every time a visitor wears a hat, it is collected in the bag of the Dwarfcleaner and is going to be cleaned in hot water
  • We dry them 45 minutes in the dryer
  • We bring the hats back to The Secret Valley and they are ready to be worn.

Here is how to catch lice:

  • Take pity on a misled hat and put it on your head
  • Try on all the hats freshly worn of day from the Dwarfcleaner bag

Non-smoking trails

Interdiction de fumer
Our site is completely non-smoking

We receive many congratulations about the cleanliness of our place, thank you!

We always imagined The Secret Valley in this way and it seems that our visitors too! A place where we can have fun in the nature while respecting it... Thank you again!

A place where you can have fun in the countryside while respecting it … so thank you again for your civism.

For the security (forest fires) and the cleanliness (pollution) and the comfort of the visitors at The Secret Valley; all the site is non-smoking. A section for smokers is however available in the parking lot. Please, inform the smokers about it before you arrive here. 

Thank you for your understanding.

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