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Clés comme dans les sentiers
Keys as in the paths

You want to bring back something that will remind you of your adventure at The Secret Valley? These keys will satisfy you.

Les petites clés
Les petites clés (4)

Ideal to put on your key ring and help you not lose them again, these small keys can also be collected.

Les petits chapeaux
The small hats

You do not dare to wear the traditional gnome hat, but you still like this charming hat, this small hat is for you!

Les chapeaux pointus
The sharp hats

You like the “gnome’s” look, this hat is made for you! Wear it on Halloween!

The foutuque

The boutique is a winter accessory which you can wear as a woollen cap, as a scarf or even both at the same time!

Les sacoches tricotées
The knit money-bags

Take advantage of these completely unique money-bags knitted by the dwarfcompleted!

Les Sacs à Dos

Luggage your things inside this pretty backpack.

Les sacs de vinyle
Vinyl bag

Small vinyl sleeves with a unique design that you can carry anywhere!

Les colliers de gnomes
Gnome Necklace

This adorable accessory will allow you to keep the Secret Valley always close to your heart. :)

Les bracelets colorés
The colored bracelets

With this many different and unique bracelets, you will easily find the one that will please you.

Les boucles-d'oreilles

Everybody will admire your ears with the charming creations of the dwarfcolors made with semiprecious stones!

Baluchons du Nainsatisfait
The Hungry Dwarf Bundle

Try our bundle filled with delicious regional cheeses and other foods that will make you a healthy meal.

Les Naincollables
Family Stickers

With these stickers, you can now display the inventory of your Teeny-Tiny Dwarf family on your car!

Les autocollants de voiture
Bumper stickers

Discover more than twenty models of funny gnome theme stickers to put on your car.

La Cache de carton
The cardboard Hiding Place

Make your own miniature Cache with this cute cardboard craft.

Les aimants Corde à Linges
Clothesline Magnets

Magnet completely unique and original where you can hang small pieces of clothing or any other item that you want.

Les aimants à frigo
Fridge Magnets

With the help of our 3D printers, we created a collection of original fridge magnets.

Les Pots Musicaux
Musicals Jars

Add a pretty mechanical music box with your Mason Jar. You can choose your favorite song from a great selection.

Les Sifflets de nez
Nose whistle

Try this amazing tool that require the use of your nasal voice! And do not forget : trying it, it's buying it!

Les crayons de bois
Wooden pencil

Use a real tree branch as a pencil.

La pochette Vallée Secrète
The bag of the Secret Valley

Besides being attractive, this small bag can be useful while travelling or at home.

La bouteille d'eau Vallée Secrète
The water bottle of secret valley

Besides its beautiful appearance, this gourd is really useful because once emptied of it's content can easily be stored.

Le mini coffre aux trésors
The mini treasures chest

Inside this chest, you will find a variety of very representative objects of The Secret Valley.

Les sacs d'argent «gnomesque»
The money bag of "gnome"

It is now possible for you to get a set of Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs’s playing money!

Les porte-clés de gnome
The gnome’s key holder

This is a small souvenir from The Secret Valley it will follow you everywhere you go.

Les signets

Reading is a very important thing in the Teeny-Tiny Dwarf family, that is why they offer you these cute bookmarks.

Les 7 familles Tinin-Naines
7 Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs families

With family or friends, play this fun card game where you must try to reconstitute as much as possible Teeny-Tiny Dwarf families.

La Pagaille Fantastique
La Pagaille Fantastique

Resembling the game War, the goal of La Pagaille Fantastique is having the tallest character to win the round and thus win the game.

Mémoire de Nainléphant
Mémoire de Nainléphant

Try this memory game modelled on The Secret Valley and find a maximum of characters pairs belonging to the fabulous world of Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs.

L'Aventure Tinin-Naine
Teeny-Tiny Dwarf Adventure

Continue your adventure as you stroll through the paths of Secret Valley even at home ! Who will be the first-come ?

Jeu du Naindirigeable
The Game of the Dwarfdirigible

Using your spinning-top-compass, go through the various obstacles you face. Who will be the best to find his way?

Glissades & Nainchelles
Slides & Ladders

Teeny-Tiny Dwarf version of the famous game "Snakes and Ladders". Have fun climbing the ladders and avoid slipping ! Who will be the first-come?

Jeu du Pichenain
The Game of the Pitchdwarf

Project your token with your finger and try to reach the best zones ! Who will score more points?

Les cartes de Jeanette Trépanier
Jeanette Trépanier's cards

Some of the beautiful Jeanette Trépanier greeting cards of the talented are available at The Secret Valley.

Le système Blackburn pour écrire et à usages multiples
The Blackburn System for writing and other multiple uses.

Le concept modulaire du système Blackburn est spécialement pensé pour s'adapter à une grande variété d'handicaps. Le système est simple et efficace: Le porte- crayon accepte crayons de plomb et stylos normaux ainsi que tou- autres accessoires pouvant être adaptés à l'appareil. Peindre, dessiner, manger et se brosser les dents sont parmi les possibilités qu'offre ce système modulaire.

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