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Group outing

Petite cléHere begins the group activities!

Welcome to the CPE, the day schools, the classes, the day nurseries in schools, the day camps, the boy scouts, the associations, the corporate groups, the families, etc. If you are more than 25 people, you are a group!

Vous aurez ici de la nainformation spécifique pour faire de votre prochaine sortie de groupe, un franc succès. Nous avons des tarifs très avantageux pour les groupes de 25 personnes et plus. Le document en PDF Confirmation vous donnera une bonne idée sur nos conditions, nos tarifs, nos règlements et comment vous rendre chez-nous. Prenez-en connaissance et contactez-nous pour plus de précisions et pour vérifier les disponibilités.

Note that the company is assured, you can consult the insurance certificate to be convinced.

  • Un groupe tout habillé de bleu
  • Un groupe qui mange
  • Un groupe qui regarde le spectacle dans la Cache à Tinin-Nains
  • Un groupe de Mission Nainpossible
  • Des autobus dans le parking

your outing

- - -

In detail

  • What is the Secret Valley?

    • Lots of fun and educational games
    • Pleasant and well organized hosts, who will do everything so that your visit will be unforgettable
    • A site where cleanliness and the environment are constant concerns
    • Closed in picnic areas for 340 people. Outside places also available
    • Clean and well kept musical chemical toilets
    • Unique objects "Hand-made" on sale in our souvenir shop
    • Very affordable group rates available

    Visualize all our services here.

  • A outing for whom?

    • CPE and Day nurseries ( 2 - 4 years)
      "The Rally of Centipedes" is a treasure hunt designed for children from 2 to 4 years old. The activity is fitted out on secure paths on a short distances. Interactive games allowing to learn while having fun outside.
    • Schools, scouts, day camps and school daycares ( 5 - 12 years)
      We have several fascinating activities for these young people . Even if you come for half or the whole day, you will learn about nature and the legends in a real life context while having fun. " The Small Adventure " and " The Expedition of the Nosey parkers 1 " for children in kindergarten and first year, " The Quest of Compasses " and " The Expedition of the Nosey parkers 2 " for children of second grade to sixth grade are available. " The Mission of the Explorers " is for young motivated people of fifth grade and sixth grade.
    • Young people from high school or group of adults (12 years and more)
      Do not forget that in The Secret Valley, everybody wears a gnome’s hat, think of bringing your camera when you come to participate in " The Mission Dwarfimpossible ". It is fun and full of surprises. The participants are invited to work in teams to be successful at the end their course. Sometimes, the competitiveness settles in between the teams during the test. " The Missions Dwarfimpossibles " are perfect to create a team spirit in a group of teenagers or adults. This mission is ideal for team building between participants.

    Click here to see the Paths choices.

  • Planning of the day

    (as an example only, we organize the days according to your budget and schedule)

    • Whole day (5 hours) (a Half-day more)
      AM or PM: the Rally of Centipedes, The Small Adventure or The Quest of Compasses.

    • Arrival of the group, snack
    • Explanations of the activity, distribution of accessories and departure of the groups in paths
    • Show in The Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs' Hiding Place
    • Departure or luchtime

      Half-day (3 hours)
      AM or PM: expedition of the Nosey parkers 1 or 2 or Mission of the Explorers

    • Explanations of the activity, distribution of accessories and departure of the groups in paths
    • Search for the treasure chest
    • Snack and/or departures
  • Show in The Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs' Hiding Place

    • More room in the Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs' Hiding Place! This year, The Hiding place was enlarged to answer a growing demand. The purpose of the following paths " The Rally of Centipedes ", " The Small Adventure " and " Quest of the Compasses " is to visit this house and see the shows that are mind-blowing! Beautiful small decorations), new characters and various surprises await you depending on the season of your visit.

    Visualize all our theme here.

Cache à Tinin-Nains

Worth knowing

Dwarfinviting (staff of The Secret Valley) will not guide you in paths, but they will prepare you for your adventure, so that you can circulate at your rhythm through the paths of The Secret Valley. They are always near the reception. You will have a map of the paths which will direct you in fitted and secure paths, close to the reception. You are always less than a 5 minute walk of the reception area. Carte des sentiers

Les tarifs

- - -
Group (25 persons and over)
1 Path
(1/2 day)
2 Paths
(1 day)
2 years old and under Free
Children 2 to 17 years old 8,48$  +tx 9,75$ 13,70$  +tx 15,76$
Teens aged 13 to 17 9,64$  +tx 11,08$ 14,86$  +tx 17,08$
Adult 18 years old and over 10,72$  +tx 12,33$ 15,94$  +tx 18,33$
1 free adult / 8 children
Group (25 persons and over)
1 Mission 2 Missions
7 years old and under Free
Children 7 to 12 years old 13,48$  +tx 15,50$ 18,70$  +tx 21,50$
Teens aged 13 to 17 16,09$  +tx 18,50$ 21,31$  +tx 24,50$
Adult 18 years old and over 17,83$  +tx 20,50$ 23,05$  +tx 26,50$


- - -

For Dwarfincomparable

Watch out!
You are in a zone reserved for parents or the event planners, do not spoil the surprise!

You'll be pleased to learn that The Secret Valley developed a special package for new graduates! This can be for graduates from child-care center or from school. Give your children or your group a day they will never forget!

Cost = admission charge by person + 1 graduation package

  • Successful graduation package

    A tribute to the graduates!

    • The Secret Valley seal
    • VDP card (Very Dwarfimportant person)
    • Souvenirs card
    • Photo booth with special accessories
    • Case of Preparation
Aperçu de la trousse de graduation Spot Photo Sceau de La Vallée Secrète

Case of Preparation

Marionnette de Gustave Nainvisible
Gustave puppet

DIY to make you wait before coming at The Secret Valley.

Calendrier de l'«avant-graduation»
Calendar of the "Days before the event”

Calendar in order to count the days left before the graduation.


Diploma to complete and bring when you will visit us in order to make the official presentation and affix the seal of The Secret Valley.

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