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Schedule & Events

Opened from May 12th till December 22nd 2018

Petite cléAll interactive tours are available on reservation, while the shop and walking trails are accessible for passing customers

  • Open from May 12th to June 22nd on reservation
  • Open June 23rd to September 4th, 7/7, from 9am to 5pm.
  • Open from September 14th to December 22nd on reservation.
  • The departures are every half hour, between 9:00 am and 2:30 pm.
  • The activity lasts between 2 and 4 hours (according to the chosen path).
  • The Secrete Valley may be forced to close due to bad weather or work.
  • Reservation by phone from 8:00AM to 8:00PM
  • We are available all year long to take your reservations.

For an online reservation, without cancellation fee, click here.

  • Devant la Cache à Tinin-Nains pendant l'été
  • Dans la Cache-Croutte pendant la soirée Clair de Lune
  • La Vallée en automne
  • Un enfant et sa clé pendant l'hiver
  • Le Père Noël dans sa Cache-Noisette

2018 Calendar

Thématique estival: L'Odyssée légendaire des Naintrépides

The Dwarfintrepids Legendary Odyssey

Dates: May 12th to September 3rd 2018

Description: Elucidate the mysteries surrounding the legendary characters that the Naintrepids encountered on their journey around the world.

Show: Let yourself be taught the dwarfincredible adventures of teeny-tiny dwarfs that return from a journey around the world.

La Soirée Clair de Lune

The Evening Moonlight

Dates: July 21st and August 4th 2018

Hours: From 8h to 11h pm

Rates: Normal rates

Description: Experience a magical adventure by discovering The Secret Valley at night! Join one of our treasure hunts with family or friends in the enchanted forest of gnomes! Choose a route and go, flashlight in hand, on a journey you won't soon forget!

The activity include:

Thématique automnale: La Masques et Parade

Masks & Parade

Dates: September 14th to October 29th 2018

Description: Let meet the extravagant guests of the Masks & Parade, the masked ball of The Secret Valley.

Show: Come to the dwarftravagant Masks & Parade this autumn at The Secret Valley! In this masked ball, come see a crowd of more dwarfeccentric characters as each other and watch a real talent contest where you can see that the Teeny-Tiny Dwarves can have strange skills. Who will be the winner of this impressive competition?

Thématique hivernale: Boule à Mythes et Légendes

A typical December day:

  • cléPath of your choice
  • cache à Tinin-NainsShow in The Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs' Hiding Place
  • père noëlMeeting with Santa Claus
  • chocolat chaudTasting of a comforting broth

Myths Balls & Legends

Dates: November 9th to December 22nd 2018

Santa Claus schedule December 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th from 10:30am to 12:30pm and from 2:00pm to 4:00pm

Description: Where is Santa Claus in December? Some people believe that he hurries to finish all the presents in the North Pole, others will say that he takes walks and that we can meet him sometimes even in town. Well no! In fact, far from being put under stress by the last preparations, Santa Claus chose to come here to rest before his large distribution of presents. We noticed that Santa Claus, being on "vacation" at the Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs, takes time to chatter with all Dwarfguests that he meets. The big novelty is that the Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs, in their big generosity, built a chalet (cottage) specially for him so he can rest. Between a nap and a cookie from Mother Christmas, you will have the opportunity to have a private meeting with Santa Claus in is famous chalet (cottage). We suggest that children who have special requests to write a letter and come to give it to him personally. ( He is not getting younger and his memory is not has it was he could forget certain requests that were whispered in his ear.) several of our Dwarfbeliever visitors made it their inescapable exit before the holidays. It is truly a less and less good kept secret!

Show: On the occasion of the holiday season , the members of the Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs' Hiding Place prepared you a Christmas legend which relate a meeting between a Teeny-Tiny Dwarf and three ghosts. Enjoy the festive time before Christmas to learn more about the folklore of The Secret Valley and about the little creatures that inhabit it.

La Soirée Clair de Lune

The Evening Moonlight

Dates: December 15th 2018

Hours: From 4h pm to 6h pm

Rates: Christmas special rates

Description: To all the brave : come explore The Secret Valley with the only light of your lanterns! Enjoy our new December schedule to participate to our adventures in the dark!

The activity include:

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