The Blackburn System
for writing and other multiple uses.

The modular concept of the Blackburn system was specially thought to adapt to a big variety of handicaps. The system is simple and effective: pencil holder is compatible with the pencils as well as normal lead and pen accessories that can be adapted to the device. To paint, to draw, to eat and to brush teeth those are some possibilities that this modular system offers.

The spectacular progress in the writing and in other similar activities is due to the tricycle principle. It is due to the three supports and to the ergonomic forms that it offer and the stability and long-term comfort.

The set includes

  • Adjustable base
  • Pencil holder
  • Ball bearing
  • Strap with velcro
  • Extension
  • Base tricycle
  • Lead pencil

To use utensils or brushes, fix them in the extension lead designed to fit into the pencil holder. Extra Extension leads can be ordered.

The adjustable base provided with strap velcro can be adapted to your hand size by two stainless steel screws. This is by rotating the two ball bearings and the pencil, that we obtain the three support point.

The base tricycle is also used with ball bearings in cases where the person the device for writing always ready to be used.

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