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Birthday & celebration

Petite cléYou want to offer a party that everybody will remember?

Stop looking, you are at the right place! At The Secret Valley you can celebrate a birthday completely gnome through the Turnkey Birthday Package. Children will be charmed by this adventure where they must find the secret code of a mysterious treasure chest using specially designed items for birthdays.

It's not just children who have fun with us, you can also get the Group Celebration Package and organized a rally between adults where you will do a Mission Dwarfimpossible path and have a cold meal filled with local produce.

  • Un joyeux fêté
  • Une famille et son fêté
  • Un jeune fêté et son gâteau de Tinin-Nain
  • Une fêtée et ses cupcakes
  • Une famille et son grand fêté


- - -

For a dwarfincredible birthday

Watch out!
You are in a zone reserved for parents or the event planners, do not spoil the surprise!

At our place, birthdays are well organized, secure, fun, surprising and original. The adults and the children participate in the activity. It is not rare to see parents having as much fun as the children and even more sometimes... With this in mind, you can decide that your child's party is with the extended family or if you prefer, only with friends. All you have to do is bring your lunch, your cake and above all your good humor!

Coût = prix d'entrée par personne + forfait anniversaire


  • The wacky Fiesta: 4 to 8 years old
  • The Fabulous Fiesta: 9 to 12 years old
  • Turnkey birthday package

    • Birthday kid's admission
    • Personalized Hat for the celebrated which he/she will bring back home
    • Colored hats lent to every guests
    • Surprise inside the treasure chest
    • Decorated table
    • Choice between two exclusive birthday adventures
    • Personalized Message (the Teeny-Tiny Dwarfs will sing the song " Happy birthday " with the name of your child in the forest)
    • Special birthdays 'Photo Spot'
    • Case of Preparation

Surprise inside the treasure chest

  • The backback
  • Gnome plush toy
  • Treasure map of the trails
  • or

  • The backback
  • Treasure map of the trails
  • Gourd
  • Wooden pencil
  • Exclusive Card Games
  • 5 '' The Gold''
Sac à dos à l'éffigie de La Vallée Secrète Grand toutou de gnome Carte des sentiers Gourde de couleurs à l'éffigie de La Vallée Secrète Jeux de cartes de tinin-nains Montagne de de l'or

Preparation kit

Exemple de présentation de cupcakes
Invitation cards for your guests and friends

Thematic invitation cards that you can give to your party guests.

Exemple de présentation de cupcakes
Calendar of the "Days before the party”

Calendar in order to count the days left before the party.

Exemple de présentation de cupcakes
Birthday card for the celebrated

Personalized birthday card to offer to the lucky celebrated.

Exemple de présentation de cupcakes
Photo for the cake

Photo that you can print on birthday cake or that you can put in the scrapbook.

Ideas for your cake

Exemple de présentation de cupcakes
Rental of a display stand

For your cupcakes: you can bake your own or buy your cupcakes from your favorite bakery (or at IGA in Pont-rouge, which is on your way here) and rent our display stand which will make a great sensation. Decorations that you can bring back are included.

Rental cost: $ 5.00.

*suggested presentation

Exemple de gâteau d'anniversaire
Personalized cake

In your kit, you will find photos to print on the cake. Grocers like IGA for example can do this for you. On your way here, there is an IGA in Pont-Rouge and another one in Ste-Catherine-de-la-Jacques Cartier so don’t worry, you can stop at one of them on your way here!

For those who have food allergies, the Ange Gardien foods are available in all the IGA and Metro stores.

*suggested presentation

70,00$ + tx

Add the admission fee
per person to this package

1 additional birthday boy/girl = 40$.


- - -

For Dwarfincomparable

Watch out!
You are in a zone reserved for parents or the event planners, do not spoil the surprise!

You'll be pleased to learn that The Secret Valley developed a special package for new graduates! This can be for graduates from child-care center or from school. Give your children or your group a day they will never forget!

Coût = prix d'entrée par personne + forfait graduation

  • Successful graduation package

    A tribute to the graduates!

    • The Secret Valley seal
    • VDP card (Very Dwarfimportant person)
    • Souvenirs card
    • Photo booth with special accessories
    • Case of Preparation
Aperçu de la trousse de graduation Spot Photo Sceau de La Vallée Secrète

Case of Preparation

Marionnette de Gustave Nainvisible
Gustave puppet

DIY to make you wait before coming at The Secret Valley.

Calendrier de l'«avant-graduation»
Calendar of the "Days before the event”

Calendar in order to count the days left before the graduation.


Diploma to complete and bring when you will visit us in order to make the official presentation and affix the seal of The Secret Valley.


- - -

For a dwarfforgettable

You're an outdoor enthusiast and you like to have fun?
Organize a group activity extraordinary with your friends, family or co-workers !

The Secret Valley now offers a complete package for all groups who would like to enjoy an original adventure in the forest accompanied by a delicious cold meal filled with local products. A room inside is also at your disposal .

Coût = prix d'entrée par personne pour un parcours intermédiaire + 10$ par personne pour le repas
(for 4 people minimum)

Une Mission Nainpossible Les Baluchon du Nainsatisfait L'Espace-Temps

Some rallies suggestions

Not yet found a reason to celebrate?

  • A birthday for a teenager or an adult
  • Family assembly
  • Work
  • Reunions
  • Retirement
  • Congratulatory celebration
  • Or any other reason to celebrate life!
Party de Noël Groupe corporatif Demande en mariage





- - -

Some ideas for
others events

Location de l'Espace-Temps Location de l'Espace-Temps
  • Rental of reception hall by hour

    Nous avons 3 salles à louer pouvant accueillir environ 25 à 130 personnes chacune. Le coût est de 50,00$ de l'heure. Nous sommes en contact avec plusieurs traiteurs qui peuvent vous concocter autant un buffet froid qu'un repas chaud.

Veux-tu m'épouser... oui ou... nain? Mariage rustique à La Vallée Secrète
  • Marriage

    A rustic marriage was held at the Secret Valley. It was a simple and warm event, an extraordinary moment for the happy couple and enchanted guests. You want to be the next to live this outstanding experience?

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